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termite inspectionTermites are the silent invaders of the insect world, as they live underground until they find your home, in which they stealthily invade under the cover of darkness. You will not even know that they are there until the front porch falls off the house or you detect their mud tunnels on the foundation. For a faster and effective inspection of these property-damaging pests, it is best you seek the help of a professional like the experts at Pest Control Brisbane.

Subterranean termites are very serious pests as the damage that they create can cost businesses and homeowners quite a bit of money to repair the damage that they do. Termites like to eat wood, which of course is a major part of the house that you live in.

Termites can infest a house at any time, and they will usually have a large nest underground. The nest can be right under a house, or some distance away, but no farther than 20 yards or so. Termites like dead trees and wood piles, but a nice tasty house can keep a colony alive for quite a while.

Termites are most active during the spring as that is their mating time, and they don’t just eat wood, as they also like to feast on insulation, paper, books, swimming pool liners and the like. The knowledge of whether or not a home has termites is of particular importance when buying or selling a home, as their absence is a condition of the sale.

Consequently, a termite inspection is required to be done, usually at the expense of the seller, and if the pesky little critters are discovered, then an eradication must be done before the sale can be concluded.

If you see any termites flying around lights, or around the windows and doors this is almost always a sign that your house is infested. These are called swarmers, as they are venturing forth in order to form new colonies. The swarmers are incapable of eating wood and soon die if they don’t find a colony. They can be simply swept up with a vacuum. They do indicate the presence of a colony if they are coming out of your foundation or from the eaves of your house.

The process of eliminating the termites from a home does require experience and knowledge of how termites operate. Different sections of the country have different kinds of termites, although the usual methods are somewhat similar. Usually a substance called a termiticide is injected into the ground right by the foundation which will get the job done in most cases.

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