What Are Solar Panels?

Solar photovoltaics (PV) a.k.a. solar panel electricity systems help capture sun’s energy with the usage of photovoltaic cells. These cells convert the sun’s light into electricity. They don’t need sunlight to function. These cells can produce electricity even on a cloudy day. The electricity generated by these cells are used to operate household appliances and lighting systems. Solar panels are becoming more and more popular and a lot of households have sought the help of professionals such as the experts at Solar Panels Melbourne to help them make the switch to solar.┬áThis article provides a comprehensive overview of solar panels.

solar panelsSolar panels are commonly used in many homes today to produce electricity. This is because the numerous benefits they offer compared to traditional electricity sources. Sunlight is completely free. Hence, once you have paid for the initial installment, your energy bill will come down quite considerably in the long run. Many governments around the world pay householders for using solar-generated electricity. This payment is made even if the householders use this electricity in their own homes. This is another important benefit of using solar energy to operate your electrical items and lighting systems.

If you are able to produce more electricity than you require by using solar energy, you can sell the excess electricity to the grid. Solar companies such as Solar Panels Adelaide can help arrange this for you. This is another way for you to get paid by producing solar electricity. Solar electricity is environment friendly. It doesn’t release any harmful elements such as carbon dioxide and other pollutants. An average home solar system is able to save over a tonne of carbon dioxide per year. This is quite a large volume over a person’s lifetime. Just imagine the service you are doing to the environment and future generation by using solar energy instead of traditional energy.

Solar panels are manufactured using layers of semi-conducting material such as silicon. When sunlight shines on these panels, it creates an electricity field across the layers. The more electricity is produced when the sunshine is strong. These panels are usually mounted on the ground or on the roof of the house. Solar panels are available in numerous shapes and sizes. The latest technology allows for solar tiles to be used instead of solar panels. Solar tiles are designed so that they can be used instead of the ordinary roof tiles. They cost twice as much as solar panels. Panels are more cost-effective than solar tiles currently.

The aforementioned is a comprehensive overview of solar panels, and its major benefits. For more information on solar panels, read here.

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