Tips on Pest Control

If pest issues are plaguing your home, you can remedy the pest problems through several ways. In most cases, many people opt for chemical pest control. Even though this approach is effective in getting rid of pest, there are health risks associated with it. Hence, better to try alternative methods before resorting to chemicals. But if the push comes to shove, you can use chemicals to rid vermin from your home. Consult pest control Perth or other experts nearby to help you guide in controlling these nuisances.

Below some non-toxic tips to help you with pest control:

Bushes and Trees

Just like humans, pest like habitable breeding grounds. If the area around your house offers this kind of habitat, don’t be surprised when pest start visiting your house. You can avoid this by trimming and pruning trees and bushes around your house. Make sure that no tree has contact with your house’s roofline. Get rid of thick bushes around your house and ‘shape’ them at the bottom in a way that makes it easier for you to see any pest activities at the base.


If you use firewood in your house, then you must make sure that you store it safely. As a rule of thumb, never store firewood against the foundation of your house. This rule should also applies any other material being stored in your house. Make sure that there is the firewood has no contact with the ground while storing it. Failure to properly store firewood will provide food for wood-destroying pests.


Stagnant water is a welcoming sign for pest to inhabit house. When water stagnates, it stops moving and then sometimes begins to smells bad and attract mosquitoes. Make sure that you fix leaking pipes and other sources that might lead to stagnation of water. This is another reason why firewood should be properly stores or other building materials because they have the ability to capture and trap water and this, can provide harborage for some pests.


Always make sure that the food preparation area is always clean. Do not leave any food debris as this might entertain pests in your house. It would also be wise to train your pet to clear their foods and make sure that you rid any leftovers from them.

Conclusively, you always have the option of contacting a qualified pest control technician if your means to eradicate pest from your house become fruitless. For guide to pesticide safety, click here.

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