Water Heater Electricity Bill Issues And Solutions

Water Heater Electricity Bill Issues And Solutions

What are some water heater electricity bill issues and solutions? An electric water heater is often convenient, but it is usually one of the most expensive source of hot water, even the experts at Plumbers Perth would agree. Natural gas is a cheaper source of power for a hot water tank. Better solutions are thermal energy or solar power.

solar hot water systemIn fact, a good solar hot water system might reduce electric bills for hot water heating by as much has half. Any new appliance that helps provide clean and renewable power, like solar or wind power, is likely to qualify for generous government programs. Some examples are loan programs and tax credits. In addition, many local communities have their own programs that help families fund environmentally friendly solutions.

Of course, hot water heating is not just associated with running a bath or shower. In fact, these may only represent small sources of hot water consumption in an average house. People with water heater electricity bill issues might be more likely to suffer because of their dishwasher or clothe washing machine.

These use a tremendous amount of hot water, and this water comes from the same source as the water for the tub. Some people believe that these machines heat their own water, but this isn’t true. They feed off the home’s hot water. To produce merely warm water, they mix hot water and cold water in the same day that the homeowner might mix them in the shower in order to get the right temperature.

What’s the solution to high hot water bills? There are many things that are more efficient than just using a plain hot water heater. For example, thermal blankets, sometimes called hot water tank jackets, can help keep tanks insulated. That way, they do not need to use as much power. Even better, these insulating jackets are pretty inexpensive to buy, so homeowners can enjoy quick returns.

More sophisticated solutions include solar or wind power systems. These may save up to half of a family’s hot water heating fuel budget each month, but they do represent an investment. The upfront part of this investment may be offset by some government credit and loan programs.

Also, local power companies have been known to offer incentives for alternative energy. Finally, some communities may even have programs to help families with lower incomes install new hot water systems in their homes. For more information on using alternative energy for water heating, read here.

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